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We have a passion for alternative therapies, essential oils especially and I started blogging about a variety of these alternative ways as an emotional outlet for my creativities and experiences. ‘Getting to the root of the problem’ is a well known saying, and it’s so very true. I am a strong believer that we should treat a person as a whole rather than with just the symptom whether it be emotional or physical.

Essential Oil Roller Ball Blends

Essential oils are a precious gift from nature, derived from fruits, herbs and flowers. Each has its own healing properties and can be very effective at combating stress and anxiety, improving our mood, lifting our spirits and helping us have a more calm and positive, and grounded disposition.

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Roll on blends ready for you to take and use anywhere.

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Today my blog is on Meditation and the benefits. I need to schedule in some meditation time into my days . Does anyone else structure their days? .. anyone…? We all need to slow down, life is...

The BeeCwtched essential oil is superb and really is the cwtch one needs in times of stress and conflict.

Beautiful products, Lou is such a talented artist and puts so much love and thought into all her work

“Bee Uplifted has become a part of my morning routine”